Tuesday, December 7, 2010

jus a boring lil' update........

Just a long ago photo of myself.
i havent been painting my nails for so long. still rmb i used to do it every 2 weeks. must be damn free.
sch is over for me. for this year.
but the tuitions are coming in again.
somehow i have the urge to push it all away.
for this semester was the worst semester i ever had.
even if not for me, but for those whom are close.
i rather stay at home to bake all day without worrying on getting late for work.
becos for the next 40 years of my life probably i'll have to keep that constant worry in mind.
my bff is off to taiwan. and i'm alone. she's not back till after christmas. in the land i earn to be in.
if u see this? miss me once. becos i'm hoping you'll be my company right now.
take good care in that lala land~

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