Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A day to cheer up the week!

Schools are always full of hype and vibes. So last week we just had racial harmony day and this week we are having national day celebration and sports carnival!

Will update if i manage to take some photos that day.

So here are the photos for racial harmony day!

Teachers are all encouraged to wear the traditional costumes and even any elements of racial harmony. The students aren't very supportive and less than 1/4 of the school turned up in their costumes. So disappointing right....

Me and teacher Loke...

We had some fun games in the room and i manage to win! (once only la) Just to end off, when you feel that you are in a forced deal situation. Always know that there is still a "Just Say No".

White Bar

Was out with friends for chill out at night. Even though waking up at 6 everyday is killing me, for the sake of Mr Koh, who only has less than 1 week to suffering i stayed up late late late......
Had dinner in town and travelled to boat quey for some drinks. Recommended by some friend that this is the decent kind plus got KTV to sing. So not bad after all.

Drinks was OK. We had San Miguel. Taste slightly stronger than Heinekken. I don't like beer actually, perhaps stella is a better choice.
Anyway. People who want to win some money please play some games with me because i lose in every single game. Like super sway......

Was bored because the songs take so long to be my turn..... Only sang 1 song for that night.

My other drinks kaki, one red like lobster, the other blur like sotong.

Finally, good luck Mr Koh......

78 Circular Road Singapore

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception /TNP Big Walk

Went to watch Inception at Vivo~
Its a great movie. The director is brilliant!
You will feel truly mindf*cked
At the end of the show there will be a million questions on your mind......... watch it to believe it ;)

I told D his hair looks funny and flat

Then he did this... ROFL.

His new watch! We are now Casio supporters haha

Big Boss acting like a tourist posing with the IR

My turn! I love this pic. I look so happy. Forgot what was so funny (´∀`)v

Ok better...

Us <3

Looks like a postcard!

Camwhore :D


TNP big walk!
Had to wake up at 6am cos the walk starts at 7.30am x_x

Some weird environmental saving thingy.
The walk havent start and its already breaking into half. Lol

TNP New Face finalists!
The most chio girl (according to D) is blocked by the balloon!! Wahahaha....

A Ji Gong amongst the crowd....

Here we go!

No pic taken during the walk as I was too busy walking. Lol

Below are pics of after the walk~~~

Huge solar powered fans! Really cooling and windy

A Jap restaurant's poster.

Hokkien translation?

Scenic View~ Think it will be beautiful at night

Youth Olympic Countdown.... D said we must take a pic with this as there wont be anymore chance to do so next time. Haha.

The ugly bag we are carrying is the goodie bag.
The stuff inside are: Free flyer ticket for 1, muesli bar, cookie, a bun, a (very heavy) unbrella, an apple, a pack of fairprice tissue, 2 Anlene 4x Calcium milk, a pen, 1 Brands berry essense, lots of NTUC insurance brochures.

We walk from Singapore flyer to Boat Quay then to Marina Sq! Li hai ma?
Went to Millenia Walk to eat Nantsuttei Ramen...

This is how you shld eat ramen!

The cute cartoon with big nostrils. They even sell the soft toy lor. 1 for $12 wtf haha

What we ordered..... We also ordered gyoza. $6 for 5 pcs. Forgot to take pic.

Cosy interior~~


Then we went for some shopping which I didnt take any pictures again.... And as usual I didnt buy anything D bought a badminton racket and soccer boots!

After shopping went to Ah Wang cafe for drinks and rest our tired legs...
Guess what we ordered?

Had a great day! The End <3

Friday, July 9, 2010

Another boring work post.....

As all of you know i keep fbing about school stuff, it shows i'm very bored. So i kept myself entertained by trying out my lappy's webcam. And as you can see the quality is quite bad. So basically this is jus a boring post. :D

*had very little make up on as you can see cos its not allowed in school....

Today is dress down day so basically teachers can come in jeans. I wore the top from cotton on and immediately a student came and said :" cher, i also got this top."

Thanks to people who kept me occupied by msn-ing me. I met many wonderful teachers too.... It was a fruitful week i should say. But now have to concentrate on writing the reflections. :(

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saturday Day Out

Saturday Day Out

Last weekend before the sch starts!

So Miss YY went on a happy day out~~

A little camwhoring....

My gangster skull tee with bling blings that read "I love drugs"
Bought it for $10 at T3 pushcart! so worth it. It comes with a purple bow pinned on the tee I decided to pin it on my hair!

I just tied a loose ponytail knot and clip the hair bow. SUPER LOVE IT!!
I have an obsession with leopard prints hehe

We went to 15 Minutes at LaSalle for lunch. Highly recommended.
Its a very nice place, calm and relax ambience.

Didn't manage to take pics of the food totally forgot about it.......
But here's the receipt! The duck meat on the pizza is abit dry this time round.....

Our matching pink tees. =D

Dinner was with D and friends at Kichi-Kichi at City Square near Little India.
Its like a new concept of conveyor belt steamboat.

YA RIGHT. Change soup flavour have to pay extra lor.

Verdict: Fail
The portions are really little, like 2 fishballs in a plate, prawn comes in 3's and u have to wait till infinity for the next plate of food you want.

Even simple food like EGGS/QUAIL EGGS/GYOZA/TANG HOON is considered rare items that appear once in a blue moon. They purposely put yucky bittergourd with a piece of gyoza so you have no choice but to eat both!! Cheat one.

Service was reeeeaaallly slow and bad. I think they are understaffed. They kept forgetting our orders.

I ordered their "Signature" mushroom soup base while Dennis ordered prawn soup base and both tasted almost exactly the same- tasteless

It was indeed a very slow eating process and not enjoyable at all. There was surprisingly a lot of people queuing outside, I think its the novelty of the conveyor belt that attracted them.

Pls do not even try it. Not cheap either. About $30 per pax. You can eat much better steamboat at Bugis.

-End of Saturday-

Below are jus random pics.....

My new bike!! Chio anot?
Its the most gorgeous bike I have ever seen.

New sports shoes. I will go jogging I will go jogging I will go jogging

New Shorts! 2 for $30 at Cotton On. I totally love the light denim one =)
My new pink mp3 and headphones! Birthday gifts...

Lastly......... Leopard prints Hp strap!! I love it to the core!!
I like my phone to be as kua zhang as possible. Its more of an accessory than a phone.
PS* The tortoise was from the Sweetland Machine... CUTE BOH??
Till then!