Monday, May 31, 2010

3 steps to bigger eyes without the falsies

The make up tutorial 2 is to let all girls who have little experience with fake lashes get the big eye look! By using jus the mascara and eye liner, say goodbye to tiny winy eyes. Using just 3 simple tools we can enlarge those peepers and make them attractive.

Pre- eye make up: apply BB cream, foundation to conceal and hide those flaws :(

I personally use BB cream from Etude house. It has functions of sheer concealing, SPF 30 for the terribly UV rays, and also act as make up base and moisturizer. So many functions for the price of 1. I buy Etude house products from Malaysia as it is abt half the price? Jus at city square quite near.

For foundation, I use laneige.

I bought this from a sale, laneige private sale. The packaging for this foundation is different from those selling over the counter. And that was precisely why it was on sale. Because they decided to change the packaging. It was selling at $20. Refills at $10. Dirt cheap. The powder pigments are tiny and barely seen when swiped across the face. Plus some added shimmer will bring out your features and not make you look like u jus slapped on some flour.

So, the regime begins.

Step 1: This is my eye without any make up. Use a eyeliner and draw a line above your lashes as near as possible.

Draw it slighly out of your eyes and end with a small triangle. Make sure the triangle points upwards.

For me i use K palette 24 hours eye liner. Recommended by Miss Yu Ying. The eye liner has thin tip for beginners and is smooth and quick dry. No need to stand in front of fan to blow dry. Plus, no smudging the whole day!

Step 2: Use a black eye shadow to go over the eye liner for a more natural look plus, this prevents smudges as the powder can absorb some oil from your eyelids. Line the lower lashes as well with the shadow, but take note to only start half way thru your eyes. If you were to line the entire bottom lash you will end up with smaller eyes.

I personally use Couleur. Its actually very cheap in many departmental stores even though its made in japan. This eye shadow has some shimmer so it looks good even if you are hitting the clubs.

Step 3: Finally prim your lashes and apply mascara. wait for the first coat to dry and repeat for 2476497 times till you get the desired volume and length.

That's all! 3 steps.

Complete your make up with a blusher and you are ready to go!

A sneak peak to my latest hoots from Blythe Zoo Taiwan online shop. Featuring the latest light denim which is currently the hottest in Japan! Perfect combi for the hot weather. The stripes of black and white adds on some character as well.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blueberry Muffins ♥

Blueberry Muffins

Miss Yu Ying was quite free at home so she decided to do some baking!

I did not use the full amount of ingredients as stated below as I wanna test test first so I cut all the quantity into half.

The Recipe:

10 Easy Steps!

1. Butter: 500g

2. Sugar: 400g

Mix Butter and Sugar with beater till fluffy and white

3. Milk: 100ml- Warm to room temp

4. Vanilla Essence- 1 tsp- Mix with milk

5. Eggs: 9 pcs- Add in slowly one by one

6. Cake Flour: 375g

7. Baking Powder: 10g

8: Custard Powder: 50g

Sieve all 3 together and fold slowly

To fold slowly means to stir in the flour in a figure of 8. This method is often used in baking.

9. Blueberry Filling (Sweetened)

Pipe mixture into pans

Fill only to half

Add a small layer of fillings

Fill to top with the rest of the mixture

10. Cook for 25 mins at 180-100 deg till golden brown

Below are pictures of the process:


-I substituted butter with sunflower oil. Healthier choice!

Erm actually its because there is no more butter at home :(

-I have no custard powder too and did not want to buy a whole tin, so I Googled for substitutes and look what I found!

Can substitute it for corn flour + vanilla essence!! :D

- I substituted baking blueberries with blueberry jam :D Cos super hard to find baking blueberries. Brilliant idea! It works just as well

This is the jam I used ($5 from NTUC).

Its quite good, its made with 100% wild blueberries with no added sugar, its fill to the brim with blueberries!

Mixing the oil and sugar. SUPER hard to dissolve the sugar. (To make this step easier, use fine sugar) I was too lazy to use the electric beater cos very troublesome and oily to wash after using it, so I used the manual whisk. I think i grew muscles after whisking it

Whisking it like mad.....

Ok I give up, I put it on the stove to dissolve it.

After adding everything its a little bit of watery consistency so don't worry.

Time to pour into muffin cups! Look at the amount of blueberry goodness inside the jar.....

Done! I don't have enough muffin tins so I used a cup and egg tart trays -_-

(After trying the ones in egg tart trays, I realise those in egg tart trays are abit dry, compared to the ones in cups, I think the mix is thinner, so it gets cooked more easily, so use cups!! Don't use flat trays!)

Preheating the oven for 10 mins at 180 Deg......


Now you can share it with all your loved ones~~

Its super moist and zomg YUMMEH!!!!

This muffin is saying "Pls don't eat me!"


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hair Rebonding

To keep away all the frilly willy hair and keep them well in shape, the scheduled hair appointment is a must. This shall be the first post with both of us in it!

Headed to far north away from our eastern homes. The home salon operated by auntie xiu xiu is our favourite place whenever it comes to hair problems. prices are reasonable and auntie's place is cosy you can bring your snacks and camp in front of the tv without feeling awkward (there is scv so we were watching nu ren wo zui da and snacking. Shiok!)

This is auntie's house, her living room is mainly used for all hair service. She has professional equiptment just like the salon's so fret not. She does all kinds of hair service, from dye, highlight, perm, rebonding, treatment, trim, etc..... Just give her a call before hand. she's quite flexible with time, i ever did a rebonding at 9am on a saturday morning.

Just a quick look:
Yu Ying: Deep nourishing hair treatment with steaming and hair cut $25

WanYu: Shiseido Hair Rebonding $70 regardless of hair length

Miss WanYu's Profile: Curly hair, stubborn and at shoulder length.
Has badly hightlighted hair that was damaged as the bleach was left on for too long

In the midst of Rebonding.....

Results: Smooth hair, auntie cut off the bleached hair as it was beyond any help
Fringe was not over straight and look natural.

Miss Yu Ying's Profile:
Dry and frizzy hair due to excessive dyeing.

Miss Yu Ying under the steamer

Results: Smooth Silky hair and trimmed ends with zero split ends.

With Pretty Hair !!


Monday, May 24, 2010

YY's 21st Birthday

My 21st Birthday

Thank you everybody for celebrating this special day with me!!
Much Love,

Dolly Makeup (1)

We got quite bored so we decided to play with makeup to create a cute dolly look!

Dolly Look Essentials:

  • Big Doe Eyes

  • Flawless Skin

  • Long Brown Hair

  • Cute Tee (Optional)
Apply concealer, bb cream and foundation to whole face.

Paste Double eyelid sticker on your eyelids the distance you want the width of your double eyelids to be at.

Using a eyeliner, draw a thin line that is near your lashes. you may wish to draw a longer eyeliner if you wish elongate your eyes.

I use 24hr real lasting eyeliner $19.90

the tip is really fine and soft, easy to use for beginners. Using a water proof eye liner is good as it will be longer lasting and free from smudging throughout the whole day under the hot sun.

Paste fake eyelash

I used 2 lashes for each eye by pasting them together. You may wish to combine 1 crisscross and 1 straight lashes to look more natural and increase the volume of your lashes.

Also trim the length of the lash to suit the length of your eye as it is normally longer than the eye. Trim the tail of the lashes as the front gives a natural gradual build up and lashes are usually longer at the ends.

My eyelash glue

Supposedly a double eyelid glue but it doesnt really work for me and I found out it doubles as a really great eyelash glue!

Wait till the lashes are nearly transparent before pasting it, i usually blow them to speed up the process.

Paste! Paste about 5mm away from the inner corners of your eye so that it wont prick your eye making you uncomfortable the whole day. The nearer the lashes are to your real lashes the more natural looking it will be.

How it looks like when my eye is closed.

Draw the eyeliner on top of the fake lash to blend it in together So that the pasted area cannot be seen. (Steady hands are needed)

[Usually my eye makeup procedure ends here, but for that extra chio look for that special occasion I will put some eye shadow ....... ]

Majolica Eyeshadow! Its very nice bronzy golden with shimmer. The powder is so smooth and easy to apply I applied it using my finger!

I only applied D to my eyelids, emphasizing the colour at the corners as shown below.

Next I applied A to the area near my brows to enhance the brow bones. (Ignore my messy brows, it will be covered with my fringe later :D)

Looks like this when I open my eyes. Note the "shadowy" effect behind the fake lash. Apply the eye shadow at a height of about half the fake lash. If the eye shadow is applied too high you will look like wayang.

Next, I apply B to the inner bottom corners of my eye.

Note: Not to apply on whole bottom lid, just about 1/3 of the inner lower lid.

Mascara for lower lash is a must! It helps to "open" up your eye creating a wide-eye effect. And it balances off the look for the whole eye so you wont look like your upper eyelids are overly made up.

Apply Blusher (to your cheeks not eyes). Apply it on the apple of your cheeks in a circular shape so that it will enhance your cheek bones. Try to avoid orange shades as it will clash with the brown tones of your eyes and look yellow.

Here is my cheap Silkygirl Blusher.
You can see my abit of my mascara at the corner of this pic. It is the Deja Vu fibre wig mascara. Very good!

Also apply lip gloss if you want...



Now u can camwhore!

*Note the cute tee

Pooh Loves My Look!