Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Simple Saturday

Cooking lunch~~~~


Meatball, cheese tofu, toasted luncheon meat!! Super unhealthy lor.... >.<

Yum Yum~~

Dinner was at Nandos Bugis junction with frds....

Pardon my fat face

Lots of ppl!

Iphone is really taking over socialising time......

Jy's Angry Mango burger $10.90? ... He said he really feel very angry after eating it! I guess it really taste mediocre... Haha

Don's 1/4 chicken with extra hot sauce and 2 sides i think is $13.90... Looks not bad

My 1/4 chicken and rice $9.80 I think. As you can see I'm not so brave. I ordered the not spicy one. Its sweet and sour I think. I think not bad leh! Quite nice

Den's 1/4 chicken with hot sauce. His chicken looks so tiny!!! dunno why. hahahah sad.

Lastly cw's very funky looking food. Think its $23? Its like kebab-looking thing... the portion kinda small for the price though..

Afterwards the guys went to play arcade... (how old liao?!) and dennis and I went to drink bubble tea at bugis junction. The caramel milk tea SUPER nice! love it!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Non-No Agnes-B Mook!

Hello! Miss YY is back!
I finally got a new cam! thanks yeow sin!

Present frm Dennis.... thanks!!!

Its supa big and spacious! Can't wait to use it!

I thought the mag will be useless to me since its in Jap, but after flipping thru I realised it has tons of super chio stuff!
I will take some pics when I have time....
Stay tuned!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Be A Cleo star~~~

The weekend was spent looking pretty!
Headed to Bugis Junction for my free make over together with the girls.

The artist busy dolling up my friend, Miss Hong.

Her sister, another Miss Hong.
She is so brave she went for the audition for Cleo star!

And finally our print outs! Looking fab and all ready to take pictures.

Acting cute in front of the crowd.
Manage to not pay a single cent (the other girls paid $30) and got myself a make over, a goodie bag worth $80 and express manicure (Sally Hansen) on the spot.

Sisters forever~~~

With their photos on hand, gleaming away......

After i saw this i realise i got such volumnised hair.....

Her attempt in using my perfect camera....

Lastly, Me and myself.