Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shepherd's Pie

Missy Loong and Missy Chua wants to make something simple and delicious for afternoon tea. The best option will be something we both have experience making.
Thus, we thought of the Shepherd's Pie!

The ingredients: (Makes about 15)

Chicken thigh approx 600g

6 medium sized potatoes (best if from holland or USA)

Butter approx 200g

Less than half a cup milk

Some pepper to taste

Salt to taste

Corn flour for marinate

Light soya sauce for marinate

Cheese (optional)

The most tedious part is to skin the chicken(not alive) and to cut away all the fats.

This is the amount of fats after the chicken went for liposuction. Damn gross!!!!.
Anyone still wants to eat KFC mash potato sauce??

Cut the piece of meat into small cubes.

Do a simple marinate:

2 tablespoon corn flour


5 tablespoon of light soya sauce

Mix Well.........

Miss YY used her hands to "massage" the chicken to give it the "extra" flavour (Everybody who ate pretend u didn't see this)

Leave it to soak it up the marinade for about 15 minutes.

While waiting for the chicken, peel the potatoes and bring to boil till soft.

Next, add some oil to the pan and you can fry the chicken cubes.

Until it turn white, it will then be ready to be served.

You can get these metal foil trays at most of the supermarkets or Red Man.

Distribute the meat equally.

It should fill the base of the trays.

When the potato is all soft and mushy, mash it up in a large bowl and add butter, milk and some salt to taste.

Before Mashing. About 1/3 stick of butter

After Mashing like mad...........

Use a spoon and spread the mashed potato evenly onto the trays to cover up the chicken cubes. You may use a fork to make some patterns on the potato.
(Spot one with rose pattern)

Using the eggs yolks only, glaze the surface of the potato. One egg yolk is enough

You have to do it gently if not all the potatoes will be stuck to the brush.

While waiting for the batches of sheperd's pie to bake we were snacking(as usual) on some other varieties of potatoes. We came to a conclusion that Calbee's Hot and Spicy is still the best!

Place them in an oven, bake till the surface becomes golden brown.

We cut up a slice of cheddar cheese and put on top of some of the pies and it was great!
Will be even better if we had grated cheese to make it more evenly spreaded.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Cleocat buys

Its the first time Missy Chua bought clothes from famous online wholesaler cleocat.
The variety of clothes sold is amazing and also uber cheap. I got myself 2 dresses.

The first stretchable black top is perfect for the clubs and even a day out with your girl friends.
It may look plain but just by adding a simple belt you can change the whole look and bring out your character.

Curves accentuated, not too low a neck line such that it becomes too revealing.
I like this top a lot but found out that i got a similar looking one right in my cupboard. OoopS!
So I'm selling this new love to some one else who lacks a little black dress in the wardrobe.
$8. Brand new, only worn to take this photo. 30 seconds.

Next one is slightly more formal, for the wedding dinner, company dinner, dinner at a restaurant. The black silk like material gives a glossy finish which is very classy.

An upclose look on the design near the neck line. There is a flap design so that it doesn't look too plain.

Selling this love at $10. Also brand new only used for taking photo. Both fits S size girls only. The back of this tube dress is stretcheable.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My repetitive boring sch holidays

Miss YY's current boring life with random stuff

This is my workplace T3. It is not so yellow IRL. lol

Pretty flowers, bad camera

I want to rant about my sucky food at T3 food court. This is my freaking overpriced and sux TTM 小碗面
It is EXACTLY like it looks. 3 fishcake, 2 crab meat some measly veg and seaweed.
That is all. Don't even have any meat or fish balls. SUPER disappointed.
I shall eat McValue Lunch from now on.

This is the tiny egg inside. Comparison with the spoon. I wonder where do they get such small eggs from.

Working at Courts on weekends. It is utterly boring till I can camwhore with the mirrors there.
And its freezing cold.

Luckily, Li Wei kor kor will come find me for dinner when he is free. Although its only 45 mins break. Much appreciated! :)

On the way back from dinner, we saw a very beautiful sunset. The sun is very big and orange like a salted egg yolk.

I told him when you are with the person you love, everything is beautiful. *giggles*

I really did giggle and he said I'm insincere -_-

My cheap lunch hoots from Giant. The $1.99 chicken pie is piping hot!! There are 3 pieces inside. I was eating one while taking this pic. And my kopi peng, to keep me awake during work.

Filled with yummy goodness!!

Oh and I signed up for TNP Big walk!! Anybody going?
Gonna buy running shoes at Queensway :)

My current new love!
$39.90 from Uniqlo! And to think I almost lost it :(
How muddle-headed of me.

Look closer.... :D

My Supa cute $3 Kittychan watch!
From the gatcha-pon (dunno how you spell it) machine outside Toys-r-us at TM. Got 7 designs I think. This one is 2nd best. I consider it my lucky day. I usually always get the ugliest one ._.

Okay, thats about all. My life is just a repetition of these routines. :(
Can't wait for sch to start :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cheap loots for the day....

Was working at parkway area for the past week so my only shopping area will be the parkway parade.

As boring as it sounds i manage to chance upon some loots that is mysteriously cheap. We are all not unfamiliar with the brand O2.

A few years ago, they made their way from Korea to Singapore and even invited Tank (malaysian singer) to endorse.

In conjuction with the GSS and for I don't know what reason, they are having a super sale. These are the items i bought and most probably going back for some more.

2 bottles of nail varnish. One is rasberry pink, the other in a peachy tone.

90 cents each. Yes. There were other colours selling at $1.90 too!

Next, a puffy blusher. $3.90

I like the soft marshmellow applicator that is attached to the dispensor so that you won't have to dig your make up bag for the brush.

The tone is a hot blossom because of my fair skin tone. I need loads of blusher to make them look sun-kissed.....

I was quite skeptical but I made sure I checked the expiry date before buying. 2012. Safe.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Miss Chervin's Bday.

We attended Yi Chen's bday party at a chalet at Aloha Loyang. Her dress code was to wear dress for girls and white shirt for guys.

So Miss WY put on a light denim (again) dress and some falsies to join in the fun. She had orange tone blusher on for that day which actually looks good. This shows that orange blusher is not only for mature girls!

Denim dress was from at a spree from Blythe Zoo, a taiwan site. Its now currently her new love.

Miss YY wore a printed flower frock from f21. v(^^)v


Back to the party.....

There was a disco ball in the living room! Really feels like a disco ~~~

She even rented those nice looking tables you see at wedding receptions for guests to stand around and chat

Buffet food was zomg YUMMY!! Cant remember the caterer....

Below are pics of us and friends~~

The Deco-den Trio.....

1000 Ah neh (Inside joke) and Vodka

3 ppl in their own world...

Ok a better pose this time... Brian is laughing at YOU!!! HAHAHAHA

Miss YY pose with the 4ever shuai Lek :P

with the future lawyer... don play play ok

Bday cake is from famous cake shop choc-a-bloc. They run an online cake shop and they do have a shop at bedok for customers to pick up their cake. Verdict of the cake is: Fantastic!

Creamy yet not too sick, the chocolatey taste lingers in your mouth yet does not make you grab for a cup of water. Moist and smooth. Lovely.

We chanced upon this cute set of poker cards that had couple prints on them. Obviously it was a wedding favour, but its the best wedding favour! Each card even had love quotes printed. But its quite hard to picture a happy marriage that can connect to gambling thou.

WY and Miss Wong. Friends since primary school!

Lek very red after drinking one mouth of vodka lol....

The usual group shot. Wheres the other 5 girls??????

Okay now we are short of 3...

1/4 of class 4U!!

One last group shot before leaving~~~~

Happy Birthday Yi Chen! Wish you a great 21!