Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our favourite restaurant

Guess where??

Good food, great service and cosy ambience~~~~
Never fails to disappoint us!
Thats right, this is Ma Maison at Bugis!

Ma Maison means My Home in French
It has a cosy cottage look to make us feel right at home

"Aiyoh, kenot decide which one to eat leh all like so yummy"


My Egg Omu Rice with beef straganov!
Its like the best egg omu rice ever.
Its scramble eggs still abit watery kind on top of the rice. Slurrrp

D's katsu set
Piping hot and juicy meat!

Lastly, time to pay and leave the "house" with the key
We will be back!! =)



Exams are finally over and I have time to blog again!
Went to Santouka at Central for lunch~

This is awesome ni-tamago

D's pork cheek ramen its super chewy yet soft and full of flavour~ Yums!

My miso ramen which is super good too! Abit too salty towards the end...

v ^_^

Book of Tattoos which I got from Chinatown~~ $4 each only!
It is matt not like those shiny with glitter kind! Haha i can act gangster hiak hiak

Then we went shopping at Suntec... and ate Aunt Annie's Pretzel!
Our fav is sour cream & onion and the lemonade is so refreshing on a hot day~

Till then~!

YY's Accessories

My shitload of accessories!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a better way to keep them?
It still looks messy and will become messier when I am in a hurry.
And there are some more not in this pic, too lazy to take out
I Looooooove hair accessories~

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 3 in Taiwan

Happiness is updating blogs in boring lessons, temporarily transporting myself back to holidays.... Everything seems like fasinating there. See, washing machine with Chinese characters? I'm such a sua gu....

The lift that needs the keep beep to access.....

We travel to 忠孝敦化 in search for Jackie Chan's fav eatery. Hidden in a small lane, the shop looks the least attractive. With 干一杯as its competitor, how to attract youngsters? With good food.....

Not too expensive food. But don't really understand. We were constantly mistaken to be from Hong Kong so they spoke cantonese that we dont understand.....

This picture is hung on the wall blown up to its largest....

Japanese Star 酒井法子

Here comes the food. fresh prawns dumpling with bee hoon. The bee hoon is thin, not too soft, and absorbs the soup. The prawns Qness is great and filled to the brim....What i felt was the soup was kind of oily....

红油炒手. Red Chilli oil with mince meat and prawns dumpling. The chilli oil is so fragrant and not spicy. The mince meat provides the meat 香

And its bubble tea again, by the road....

And did i not mention? the number of motorcyles at one traffic light?

For supper... We went to a 茶馆 that sells bubble tea and some games plus food. Its more than double the price for a cup of bubble tea but food is cheap, shabu set is less than S$10.

Pig's blood with glutinous rice. First time, but luckily not much taste.

Went back to apartment to change and off we go to the club. Famous LUXY.

The crowd was young, but not too crowded. Wednesday is ladies night, drinks was not cheap, 200NT for 1 cup of house pour.

The only bar in the club, quite hard to order drinks, but fret not, you can order in English.
In between the songs there'll be LUXY girls coming on stage to dance. But songs were rather boring because it was on repeat mode. :0

On the way to the club, bought some hair bands, nice... 3 for 200NT.

Chen Han Dian. He is famous... but the crackers were just so so only....

Potato snack.

And best of all, cup noodles with meat. Yums!

Shoes for the day. 200NT. Loving it.