Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day Out

Hi peeps, my cam just officially died so there will be no more photos till i get a new cam! Any recommendations??
Meanwhile, WY will blog! but she is currently holidaying in Taiwan.... so stay tuned for her exciting post about Taiwan!

Day out to Bugis! To destress after 3 projects...........
We ate at Hong Guo its at Bugis basement..... much raved about by Xiu Ting...

This is the cute menu, please turn ur screen...

My really really mediocre noodles that I didn't like...

Xiu Ting's Mala hotpot thing that was quite good but I don't take spicy food

Xue Ting's fried rice that is very nice! (It rhymes)

After that went to join in the Koi Bubble Tea craze.... Spot the sad face that was how I felt like when I saw the queue

Finally ordered... Our queue number!!

11 more ppl to go!! (My cam is on the verge of dying as u can see)

Yay!! Finally!! But it was diluted so sad.... quality dropped

Shopping at Bugis which I bought many chio stuff but can't take pic cos my cam spoilt when I reach home so sad.

I wanted to show u all my $5 shoes I bought at ehub and my light denim jacket and my Usamimis!!!!

Lastly, dessert after all the shopping....


Monday, August 16, 2010

Taiwan cosmetics!

Dear all, I will be going on a holiday to Taiwan on the 23rd. So to do the girls a favour, I am going to help buy cosmetics from Taiwan!

Latest Agnes B cosmetics
and Jill Stuart

I will be charging a flat rate of $2.50 per item, right air flown from taiwan.
S$1 = $22NT
Will only be carrying cosmetics, no skin care products.
The charge is exclusive of local postage, local postage charge can be found
Any registered articles will be charged additional $2.24.

I will be providing photos of original receipt printouts.
Each product requires a $10 deposit. Any top ups or refund will be done after I am back on the 30th.

Please email me ( only after you've transfered the money to POSB Savings 209-06158-9 in the following format:


Product name:
Product URL:
Product picture:
Amount of deposit paid:
Transfer ref number:

Product name:
Product URL:
Product picture:
Amount of deposit paid:
Transfer ref number:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good friends good food

Happy outing day with Loves......
We decided to take a break from stressful school and work
Went Bugis for Shopping! Didnt take any pics though as we are busy shopping...
And we realised we wore matching striped dress lol..

Then, decided to rest our tired legs and have din din at Shaw Towers, its at a Thai food place called Ah Loy Thai. Very delicious food! and affordable prices too! We ordered like 6 dishes!!!

Let me recall... we ordered Tom yum soup, Pandan leave chicken, Spicy crispy fish, Sambal Kangkong, Butter squid(Most awesomest I have ever tasted) and Phad Thai. Wanted to order green curry but it was sold out... sad. And it was only 7+pm??

Den went for delicious homemade ice cream at Tom's Palette opposite.
Ice cream after eating spicy and sour thai food is DA BOMB! hehe.

Check out the food review on

Camwhoring while waiting for foooooood....... So hungry... queued for 40 mins and waited for food for another 40 mins... Thats how good the business is. And its on a Thursday nite!

Check out my green eyes! teehee. Stupid eyelash on my right eye is wonky -_-

The End product..... Shiok max! Lolz

Moving on to ice cream~~~ Thats wanyu trying to dig my eye out with the ice cream spoon -_- and me being very pei he


This is The Slutty look

Me and Yu Fan~~~~

This is a really nice pic! But my eyes are o_O FML

Ok the end. Back to projects nao

Monday, August 2, 2010

Projects all day long

What we need to keep us through all the projects..............

"Toasting" some fried food in this awesome pot. The first time I have seen it!
It uses some sort of pressure + hot air? Looks like a UFO right

The Chicken Chunks are goooooood..........

We were hungry and project not completed plus lazy to go out so pizza delivery!!!
I want to rave about this.....
The BEST pizza delivery I have tried so far!!!
Its $23 for 2. Enough to even feed 4 ppl lor. Super Full
Ordered 1 seafood 1 chicken
There is a choice of thin or thick crust. My personal fav is the thin crust as its not so filling. But the thick crust also not very thick! I like!
Juicy seafood and succulent chicken! YUMS

More Projects...... another day........ Guess what are we drinking?

Everyone is busy with projects....

Just sick of doing all the disgusting projects.... save us!!!

Unagi Don

Miss YY's mum decided to teach her how to cook Unagi Don! Yummy~~~~
Below are the ingredients need for 4 pax
3 packets of Unagi, 3 eggs, a bowl (i dunno how much up to u) of minced meat, snow white mushroom (its written on the package lol) and oyster mushrooms. I love mushrooms!!

Cooking Time: 30mins

This is the seasoning. Its a cheaper and easy method to substitute Mirin. As you don't wanna buy whole bottle Mirin just to cook this once in a blue moon right.

The following is measured with porcelain soup spoon
3 spoon chinese wine, 2 spoon dark soya sauce, 1 spoon sugar

My mom usually buy the unagi when there is offer at supermarkets. I cant remember which supermarket this is from but its 3 packets for $10.90. Good deal!!

1. Fry Mushrooms with onion/garlic whichever you prefer
Its ok if it gets watery as mushrooms give out water

2. Add in seasoning

3. Add in minced meat and let it simmer

4. Meanwhile, put the unagi into preheated toaster for about 5 mins?

5. Add in beaten egg (Do not stir)
Let it simmer. If you would like some gravy den don't let it simmer for too long as the gravy will dry up
You may taste and see if it needs more sugar/soya sauce

6. Don't forget to cook rice lol

7. Done!!

Lets Tuck In!! =D