Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 7 and Day 8 in Taiwan

coming closer to the last day isnt easy...
we woke up to breakfast during lunch time and finally took the shuttle to nearby coast - 后壁湖
there are many packages offered.
activities include:
banana boat
bumper float
water motor

so you can choose:
2 activities 400NT
3 activities 600NT
4 activities 800NT
5 activities 1000NT

others include diving - 2800NT
snorkelling in reserved areas 600NT
fishing with small boat 12000NT for 8-10 ppl
parasail 1200NT
you can visit

i went for snorkelling, quite fun... saw loads of corals and fishes swimming beside me.
i am quite afraid of water so i was right next to coach, he prepared bread so there were many fishes. some of them looks so colourful.
then we went for speed boat.
with some hk tourist for banana boat.

snorkelling is no time limit, but a pity we went too late so had to stop at ard 5....
the resort boss told us to get to the opposite to buy sashimi and seafood at cheap prices!
its jus opp the coast area, so lady boss ferried me over with the motor cycle, no need to wear helmet leh....

this is 一口虾/蟹
nice spiced seafood fried till crispy.... 100NT

sashimi, super fresh for 200NT

scallops.... 200NT

deep fried prawns with sweet sauce 200NT

Went back to nap and its dinner time by the time we woke....
decide to have smthing exp since its the last day...
walked into a seafood restaurant.

steam prawns. fresh and crunchy.

stir fry pork. too fat, overly chewy. didnt even finish it.

salmon soup. at first it still tasted ok but after tat it was too oily and the salmon was too mushy.

steam fish was the best, even though i dont know wad is this fish.

kind of colourful? look like wad was swimming beside me in the afternoon.

went to the mart to get some last minute shopping for snacks.

the green tea sprite was nice, papaya milk was superb, tea jelly even better. maggie snacks is must buy!

breafast at the resort, before we leave to travel to the airport.

finally after 2 hours of van bumpy ride, 2 hours of train, 1 hour of bus we reached the air port. 5 hours of traveling. i felt like dying.

smthing interesting i saw. spectacles for you to read....

level 0????????

we had burger king in the end. taiwan airport got nth. seriously.
but it was new experience. burger king self help!

ordered so many things again...

finally it was home sweet home. NO. i was so reluctant till now this photo makes me emo.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 6 in Taiwan

its day 6.... time to go away from the hustle bustle and head south...
had breakfast downstairs and chance upon this. all this left by tourist and foreigners. saying taiwan is a nice place. i agree totally....

bought tickets from online ticketing website and collected them beforehand from family mart at 40NT extra charge per ticket. becos i heard from online websites saying that if there is a long queue and you missed your train, no refund will be given. Plus, it was the last weekend for the summer holidays so crowd may delay some timings.

Heading to Kenting, so please buy tickets going to Zuo Ying. You wont get to board the train much earlier so dont have to be at stn too early.

The lounge area to rest before gates are open.... boarding time is only 15 minutes if i remember, train leaves ON TIME. so quickly board the right direction!

the exterior, looks like not bad....

the interior looks good too! with seats that can be adjusted to lie down for a rest, lots of leg room.
they also sell food on the train, and some has been rated very well by locals, its not overly exp too.

seat number clearly displayed....

On the way you can watch the scenary...

upon reaching then i took this picture of this, its to guide you as to which platform you are suppose to board.

Zuoying stn looks like this, rather quiet...

we had to bring along all our luggage. boohooo...

the boss of the 民宿 made a trip to town so he came to pick us up. we tot its their special service though, until we had to come back on a bumpy van ride when we return on the last day.
this is their machine to pay for car park fees, like olden days singapore.

after a long chat, 2 hours ride we finally reach our destination....
our room....

the very impt toilet.

then we went to kenting 大街 to walk ard and try to immerse ourselves back into the tourist mood. then we finally saw this! KOI!

its the most exp bubble tea we drank throughout the whole trip.
average cost abt 30NT, but KOI charges 55NT. hmmm cheaper than singapore though...

then we had lunch at the eatery....
this is the order chit, business was rather slow, not many shops open yet....

蛋仔面 sorry, dont know which dan.

鲁肉饭. the food was rather oily but still not bad.
rice was not that pleasing as they use japanese rice instead of thai rice which i'm used to eating.

soup was quite bad. oily....

the row of resorts, recognise the one with blue balcony roofs? thats where they shoot 王子变青蛙

the beach right in front of our resort, many young children playing...

the water is clear till can see my feet in 2 megapixel....

went back for a nap and woke up with a shock! the main street was filled with ppl. literally filled. roads were placed with barracades by the side. and the street is so long it extends all the way....
i think the length is approx the whole of dhoby gaut stn to orchard stn....

then we saw a shop that says they are featured by 食尚玩家 selling thai food.
decided to give it a try.
food isnt cheap ard the area. tourist spot.

had some veg with pork, pork was chewy like rubber. cant even swallow.

chicken with onions. this is very smelly, dont know why.

tom yam soup was not bad....

dinner was bad, so we walked the streets to search for food.
the games stalls were common, interesting, like olden days pasar malam...

ate some taiwan sausage which taste bad, and bought this, locally produced milk.
seriously taste fresh, although i cant explain the taste of freshness.

breakfast for the next day...
our second last day.... emo....

best trip i had.
the next day i went for my first snorkeling exp.
i miss traveling....