Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 4 in Taiwan

Continuing with the taiwan trip so that when miss loong is back she'll be posting hers....
on the forth day we had famous tian bu la that was highly recommended. Interiors of the shop was filled with historical stuff about how their brand of tian bu la originated...

Tian bu la looks jus like the yong tau hu pieces that we have in singapore but each of them taste so differently and none of them is made of tofu. a special sauce is eaten with it and i guess this is what differentiates it from shop to shop.

a bowl like this cost 60NT. Big bowl. pieces are more chewy, very light and fragrant. seafoody taste. but the sauce was perfect. with a tinge of soy bean paste plus some light chilli. good try.

we ordered some fried wantons and it was so good! the skin was thin and crispy with loads of fillings in it that was juicy and filled with texture. Even the cucumber on the side was not for show. its marinated ok....

then off we go to the water theme park.... *legs shivers... it was raining early afternoon but we stuck to our plans. prior to this we went to the bank and change some extra cash. the bank rates in taiwan is much better than singapore. only thing. its hard to find a bank. only 1 bank carries sing dollar. and they close at 3.

k, back to water theme park. from reliable info after we saw the promotional poster at the mrt stn, to get here please take the train to GUANDU stn and take a bus by following the directions at the stn. there will be a queue forming at a carpark looking area. the name of the water theme park is BAXIAN and there is a BAXIAN stn for the mrt. please do not be confused and get down at the wrong stop. if in doubt ask the locals they are more than willing to help. it isnt the last stop so please get down at the right place. journey on bus took about half an hour.

finally upon reaching it was already 3 plus.... what if it closes at 5? fret not! read on!

if you thought the rain was ok, check out your legs. the ground isnt as clean as singapore. every step you walk black substance clings on to your legs and you feel it grinding between your feet and slippers.

we were lucky to enjoy this, real lucky. night tickets that starts at 5. the locals there surely knows about this. they were already queuing even before the queue started.
the tickets werent cheap but it is real thrilling as compared to wild wild wet.

other options for the die hard people who explores their life away. i'm a scare-dy cat for your info.

how the tickets look like.

here we go! for the kids. please note the big bucket of water, similar to WWW right? but it was way larger. we tried it and my bikini nearly turned over due to the huge impact.

sky high rides are simply the scary. queues were quite long about 15 minutes waiting time. plus had to climb the stairs that is long long long.....

facilities in the water theme park was ok. with hot water to use if you slot in some money. but the doors? hehehe.... peeping tom, here's your hide out!

WWW please learn from this, hair dryer for the cold and wet people is a life savior....

this is the most thrilling ride, that i didnt dare to play. its was almost vertical and i'm super scared that i'll fly out of it. there is a part that your body wont even be touching the slide. you are suppose to compete with your fren to see who reaches the bottom first... the timer will indicate the timing. oh my.... even thinking of it makes me sweat.....
was cheated by the way to take the slide on the right hand side. in comparison it looked harmless but in reality it was covered cos your butt gets thrown off for so many freaking times you feel like floating in it.

last but not least the famous shi lin market.... if you are looking forward to it, sorry to disappoint you because you wont want to get in there.

this is the queue for the ji pa.... that has been featured in so many so many taiwanese shows. if you are a tourist like me would you waste about 2 hours queuing?

the nice picture below is a deceiving picture. looks good but the mass overcrowding and smelly tofu? ten seconds in there we decided to get out of the place. it was poorly ventilated and covered. the smelly tofu was everywhere.

we moved on to the open air street across the road upon seeing the crowd moving that way. and it proved to be much better! the food was special!

we had this! fried chicken that is later bbq-ed. nice! the skin was extra crispy and because its bbq-ed after deep frying, the chicken was less oily.

then technology improve it even further. this machine actually sliced the chicken into even strips. thoughtful? yeap!

look at the crispy skin soaked in the fragrant powder thing....

then we had this, special baked potato with ingredients to add. you can choose the pre set mix, of the buffet style kind. add 5 for the price of --. i forgot. but street food is generally cheap so fret not.
potato was smooth, moist and soft. while the sauce manage to seep in and bring out the slightly cheesy taste. and the ingredients with the black pepper was perfect.

some shops selling cute young puppies. those fury balls....

then we walked further in and chanced upon famous mee sua. the one at ximending adds in intestines but this is the more familar oyster mee sua. the shop looks like a hawker stall on a road side. but newspaper cuttings of famous celebrity was pasted on.

the chilli, very spicy.... overall i prefered this. perhaps it was a more familar taste. the mee sua was smooth but not soggy, soft but not HU. the soup base was thick but not goowy...

the street has loads of food to buy so please so take a close look at everything, the food stalls don boast on the outlook for their stalll but the customers queuing do their free publicity. try it.

our food loots for the day....

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